Self-Indulgent, natty, gastronomy. My Big Cock.

Friday April 18, 4.34 pm; someone(s) has been pointing something at my crotch, non-stop for the past three days (especially when I try to sleep). I have the scars to prove it…

April 17, 11.44 am; after a very bad night, the day’s starting off even worse.

Wednesday April 16, 6.00 pm; hate feeling helpless:  Like all I can do, is to just sit back and take it…Happy hockey playoffs

Friday April 11, 4.24 pm; super foggy today. People still pointing lights and what not at me / family.

April 4 9.36 pm; I still can’t stick up for myself. My nephew is here: RIGHT NOW. It’s been seven years, since I’ve first gone to a mental hospital, because of this exact thing…

9.43 pm; reading it, I feel retrospective. It doesn’t change anything…

Wednesday April 2, 9.30 pm; need help. POLICE, the same people from the other night are in their garage blowing some kind of gas at my house, pointing lights, and messing with my internet. PLEASE HELP ME. I would call, except I know they’re listening; they live with children, use them as shields, and deny everything. 

2.48 pm; whatever chemical they have fogging it’s way over here, is affecting my dog’s too. Been going since around 7.30 pm, last night.

3.40 pm; same person(s) blowing NyQuil at my house.

11.00 pm; please help.

April 1, 3.25 pm; I apologize for making an ass out of myself, last night. 


Monday March 31, 10.50 am; pretty bad today. However, good day for seeing a bunch of retards blowing and pointing things around Maryland. 

2.21 pm; calmed down a bit. 

5.50 pm; just got done with another shitty work-out…Being blown all which way; only this time, I got to see more little kids being blown around, too. 

I remember 14. It was in transition, but it was awesome, because I was into video games (final fantasy WOO=WOO). Going to High School, wanted my driver’s license, first job, etc. I got rid of my first “Big” bully…I never loved school…But I used to LOVE the subjects that hated me. I love you. Thank you.